a mediterranean experience

The Mediterranean brings to mind azure waters, islands with white and blue homes, and of course the food. Mediterranean cuisine captures the essence of the region through its vibrant and colorful tapestry. The food is simple, balanced and bursting with flavors. Moreover, it is has been recognized as one of the healthiest eating options.

The Blue Door is your gateway to the Mediterranean. Many of the dishes at The Blue Door are primarily Greek. You would also encounter Arabic, African, Minor Asian, Balkan and even European influences. No matter what the influence, every dish is a combination of fresh and simple ingredients, creating a healthy meal with complex and subtle flavours.

We want to stay true to the original ingredients and techniques. To maintain this authenticity we have gone to the extent of bringing some of the ingredients from their source halfway across the world.

Designed to bring you the most authentic flavours from the mediterranean, The Blue Door is looking forward to welcoming you to a delicious experience with friends and family.

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